Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's been a few years since I posted on my horn build.  Here's a picture showing the system's progression.

Some notes:

I added a pair of 650 Hz Le Cleac'h horns (turned using the same method as my 320 Hz tractrix horns) loaded with TAD TD-2001 drivers.  I'm crossing over at 2k Hz, which many people advise against, but I haven't found this point to be problematic in my installation, especially with first-order crossovers.

I replaced the JBL 2402 tweeters with Electro-Voice T350s crossed at 10,000 Hz.  These tweeters aren't for people who want sparkling, hissing, highs.  They're smooth, natural, and almost unnoticeable, which I appreciate.

I added a stand for the horns that allow each horn to slide into a time-aligned position.

Next steps:

Adding sealed subwoofers loaded with Aura 1808 drivers.

Building a pair of elliptical 100 Hz hypex full-space upperbass horns.