Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's been a few years since I posted on my horn build.  Here's a picture showing the system's progression.

Some notes:

I added a pair of 650 Hz Le Cleac'h horns (turned using the same method as my 320 Hz tractrix horns) loaded with TAD TD-2001 drivers.  I'm crossing over at 2k Hz, which many people advise against, but I haven't found this point to be problematic in my installation, especially with first-order crossovers.

I replaced the JBL 2402 tweeters with Electro-Voice T350s crossed at 10,000 Hz.  These tweeters aren't for people who want sparkling, hissing, highs.  They're smooth, natural, and almost unnoticeable, which I appreciate.

I added a stand for the horns that allow each horn to slide into a time-aligned position.

Next steps:

Adding sealed subwoofers loaded with Aura 1808 drivers.

Building a pair of elliptical 100 Hz hypex full-space upperbass horns.


  1. Very impressive stuff. Love the custom stand for time alignment. As it stands now you have the T350's, 650hz and 320 Hz horns, and the 100Hz conical the 38hz tapped horn... is that correct? Do you use an active crossover? How far do you sit from the horns and how big is your room? (Sorry for the bombardment of questions)

    A lot of work I assume to get it to this point.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Frank M
    Ontario Canada

  2. Must sound good for the Deccca and triodes. Love your work....Kjell ....Norway.

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