Thursday, February 11, 2010

DIY Horn Speakers - Step 2: Acquiring a lathe

Erik (from volvotreter fame) built his lathe (see picture) from salvaged parts in scrapyards in his area. Wow. I wouldn't even know where to begin the process of building a lathe, so I began my search to buy a lathe where any cheapskate does, on Craigslist. Craigslist cracks me up--actually the people on Craigslist crack me up when they post the same item week after week for months and even years with no buyer and no lowered price. How many re-posts will it take to get $250 for your POS all-in-one JVC stereo from the early 80s? (The one you paid $500 for back then...) I digress, it only took me about a week to find the perfect lathe--one with variable speed and a swinging head (to accommodate the large horns)--a JET 1236.
It was listed for just $200 and only used a handful of times. JET makes some decent equipment, not the best, not the worst, but usually reasonably priced. I sent the seller my phone number and told him that I'd buy it. I got worried when I didn't hear back within the next four hours. I knew this was a good price, and I'm sure he had other emails. I emailed him back and offered $250. He emailed me back within the next few hours, and I picked it up the next morning.

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