Thursday, May 13, 2010

38 Hz Tapped Horns

After building the Buschhorns, I'm back to my front-loaded horn project.  While I decide what to build for mid/upper bass horns, I figured that I'd crank out the 38 Hz tapped horns from Erik's site.

This was a quick job, especially with the Festool rail saw that I borrowed for the task.  I can't speak more highly of this tool...great dust collection, straight and quick cuts with no tear-out.  What more could I ask for?
Next, I cut six 5' strips on the table saw that make up the interior pieces and all of the sides.  I cut one extra just in case of a miscut on the mitre saw.

Here, I'm dry-fitting the box.  As you can see, I biscuited the exterior.  This makes gluing a lot faster and more accurate.  When gluing, the pieces tend to slip a bit if the clamps aren't aligned perfectly, and biscuits, dowels, or dominos help everything line up.  

Everything fit perfectly, and you can see the added bracing in this picture.  

Next step, wiring, installing the binding posts, final gluing and installing the driver.

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